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To create a space for the creators and revealers in the body of Christ to be known and loved. A space to learn more about ourselves as we learn more about the Creator. 

While every created person is creative by nature, the noun "creative" is used to describe those of us who craft and create; who reveal and radiate the beauty around us. The irony of that label is that most of us “creative” types turn our nose up to being lumped together under one trending name.

Don’t put us in a box.

but why?


This is for the gardeners. The ones who tend the soil of creativity wherever they are placed. The ones who aren't satisfied with recycling what's already been done, but have that constant desire and longing to discover, uncover, and reveal creativity in every area of life.

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A combination of evenings, weekends, and seasons of deep, messy, creative, and intentional community. 

This isn't meant to replace a community, but to supplement it.

To gather with other creatives in a safe space where your passion for "what could be" and frustration for "what isn't" is understood, and you walk away inspired to dream again. 

Monthly Coffee & Conversations on Dreams & Creativity 

This is for everyone and wouldn't have churchy language.


A weekend retreat to restore hope, inspire dreams, and stir up  creativity for creators in the body of Christ


3 month sessions of concentrated growth as image bearers and creators. Not everyone understands the heart of the artist, and it's taking a toll on the creatives in the church. This is a season of discipleship that focuses on identity, vulnerability, and creativity... led by creatives.

   We might email some thoughts on creativity and community, as well as updates on events and more ways to connect. But we won't blow up your inbox.
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You're in!

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